Frequently asked questions 

What fittings do the lampshades have?

The lampshades all come with a converter plug that enables them to be used with UK and European light fittings. This plug will fit a standard bayonet cap (BC) lamp holder

What size bulb should I use?

It is essential that the maximum bulb wattage specified for each lampshade is adhered to. In nearly all cases this will be 40W maximum, and the bulb must be kept AT LEAST 5cm away from the lampshade sides. Samphire recommend that only low energy bulbs are used with ALL lampshades.

What non plastic packaging do you use?

Samphire has an eco-friendly packaging policy and is committed to helping to reduce the unnecessary amount of plastic that is often used for packaging.

ALL packaging has been carefully sourced for its eco-friendly approach and will be a combination of the following:-

  • 100% biodegradable cellophane wrapping (to keep dirt off the lampshades)
  • Recyclable void fill elements such as paper, card, and / or Ecoflo maize based starch chips which are 100% biodegradable and safely soluble in water
  • Recyclable and / or recycled cardboard boxes
  • 100% recyclable Kraft paper packaging tape

Can I put the Maize packing chips on the compost heap?

Yes, the packaging chips are constructed from plant based material and can be put on the compost heap as they will biodegrade quickly in moist conditions.

I live locally, can I collect my purchase?

Yes, by all means you can pick up the purchase, but please ring beforehand to arrange this.

I am not sure whether the lampshade fabric colour will suit my room. Can I obtain a sample of the fabric used?

Yes, in many cases there will be swatches of the fabric used and these can be sent free of charge upon request before purchase.

How many of each item are available?

Generally all items are one offs unless more than one are listed separately for sale. However, please be aware that lampshades with the same fabric may be different sizes. If you wish to buy two lampshades of the same fabric, but only one is listed, then you are welcome to call to see if another of the same type can be made.

If you have any questions or comments about these FAQ, then please email Samphire at